Heat Treatments

Heat Treatments

Today I want to describe how heaters are used to successfully kill bedbugs. Heat treatments are a little different than the typical chemical treatment. Specifically, I use a large propane heater that sit outside the home rather than spraying chemicals. Heating the home is a safe and effective method to kill bedbugs and does not introduce potentially harmful compounds into the home.

Treatments are very safe for kids and pets. In addition, you do not have to throw out your belongings. Naturally, we provide a list of items that should be removed from the home. Most importantly, big ticket items such as computers, tv’s, etc., are typically safe. Our pre-treatment list provides more detail

The heating process achieves lethal temperatures inside mattresses, pillows, wall voids, books, and other items within your home. All life stages of the bug die within one minute at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in your home will reach between 140 degrees and 150 degrees. Treatments are completed in one day and as a result, you can re-enter your home soon after.

Treatments involve the following: First, my heater will be placed outside your home, typically just outside the front door or the door closest to the rooms that need treatment. Second, tubing is run from the heater to only the specific room(s) that have been infested. Third, air movers will be placed at various spots in the treatment areas to circulate the heat coming from the tube. Then, this process is repeated in each room to ensure all bugs are dead.

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