No shame with bedbugs

No shame with bedbugs

I want to take the time to write that even though these pests have invaded your home and personal areas does not mean you are dirty and unclean. I have experienced this many times with people who have dealt with these pests. To me, bedbugs in the home can be thought of as like any other thing that can happen to us all in life. Sometimes these things just happen. People from all walks of life can and have had bedbugs invade their home. This DOES NOT mean you are a nasty person.

Bringing them into your house can happen in a number of different ways, none of which have anything to do with cleanliness. My wife is a nurse who has cared for patients who are suffering with them. I have seen this happen in more than one instance. Also, the piece of furniture that looks like a good deal at your local yard sale or second hand store can carry bedbugs without anyone knowing! And, of course, what can look like a clean hotel room during your travels can be hiding these bugs. They are very small and hard to detect, bedbug eggs can be the size of a spec of dust!

Please do not be disgusted with yourself in this scenario. Although they are a pest, do not beat yourself up because bedbugs have come into your home. I have seen and heard the looks on people’s faces and the fear in their voice and it’s unfortunate.

The stigma with having bedbugs is real and I am here to take care of them. My heating system will systematically destroy all stages of the bedbug life cycle, from that dust particle sized egg all the way to an adult. An additional benefit to you is that at the temperatures used, any other insects that could be in your home will die as well. Call us today at: (423) 458-2867 or email!


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