Heat is green!

Heat is green!

Did you know that heat will kill pests without harsh chemicals? With the current push to be eco-friendly, why not extend that to killing bedbugs? For example, convected air is the only thing entering your home, rather than unknown compounds that linger.

Chemicals are effective and they do work; however, heat also works and with no risk to children and animals’ safety. Do you want to sleep on a mattress that had chemicals sprayed on it? Do you want your children crawling in the floor near baseboards that were recently sprayed? I know I don’t. Furthermore, the core of a chemical treatment is its’ residual effect; that is, the chemicals linger for days or weeks to continue killing bed bugs. Heat is a one-and-done treatment. One day is all that’s necessary and the bugs are gone.

The heat entering your home is just that, heat! Hot air. Nothing else. Also, I use fans that strategically move the heated air to the infested areas of each room. Heat has been proven safe and effective against these pests. We provide guidelines describing which items can stay, and those requiring removal; for example, TV’s are fine, mini blinds are not.

My friend, Tim Williams, owns Bad Bugs Pest Control in Birmingham, Alabama (look him up if you live in Alabama, don’t call me!). He has a crew of employees that do typical pest control activities, such as using chemicals. However, he personally performs heat treatments because it is fast, safe, and effective. These are words he has told me and his own customers.

This is an example of heat in action!

The simple point is: heat undoubtedly works. Heat will kill bed bugs in a safe and efficient manner and leave no residue unlike a chemical. Call us at (423) 458-2867 or email us at jordanhcsolutions@gmail.com

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