Now what…

Now what…

Once you have discovered bedbugs it can feel as if the walls are closing in on you. Many people say that they don’t even feel comfortable in their own home during an infestation. We have heard comments from people saying they just want get rid of all of their furniture or even move to not have to deal with these critters. You do not have to do anything so drastic! We can help you feel at peace in your own home again with guaranteed results to get rid of bedbugs.

The first step you want to make is call us as soon as possible. This will limit the amount of time that the bugs have to make their mark in your home. Many people worry about the chemicals that typically are used for getting rid of bedbugs. That is something you will not have to worry about with our services. Since we use heat to kill the bedbugs and eggs no harsh chemicals will be needed.

Another great thing about our treatments is they are fast and effective! We can have you back in your home before the day is out. That means less time away from your home and you can get back to your regularly scheduled summer activities. The effectiveness of the treatments are important to our customers as well. Chemical treatments can take multiple applications to kill the bedbugs. Heat treatments will kill the bugs in all of their stages in one treatment. We also guarantee your results for six months.

Once your are ready to get rid of the bedbugs and have your treatment scheduled there are a few things you can do to help you treatment go as smoothly as possible. This will also protect your personal belongings even though the risk of damage is very low. You can review this list below! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 423-458-2867 or visit our website Jordan Home & Commercial Solutions, LLC

Heat Treatment Checklist

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