DIY Gone Wrong

DIY Gone Wrong

You have noticed bedbugs in your home and you are ready to get rid of them. The first step that many take in solving this problem is a Google search. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of Do It Yourself strategies to help get rid of your growing problem.

Unfortunately, these strategies seldom, if ever, work. Millions of marketing dollars have convinced the public that spending $30 or $40 on Harris Bed Bug Killer at your local hardware store will fix your problem. As a result, people have wasted this money treating a pest that requires specialized services to effectively kill. Additional treatments, such as the use of Diatomaceous Earth, also have proved ineffective.

Most find after purchasing these problems they have not only lost money, but also wasted precious time. Save this time and wasted effort and dollars; call us! Bed bugs are difficult to spot and consequently, difficult to treat by the average person. They typically only come out a night, lying dormant during the day. They are small, sometimes almost indescribably so. For these reasons, call a professional.

Lastly, consider the safety of these chemicals! We all used Roundup for years and are now told that it’s unsafe. Wouldn’t you rather allow us to use our heater and avoid these chemicals?

Keep the bugs away

The only DIY portion of eliminating a bed bug infestation is prevention. We cannot prevent bed bugs, only kill them; therefore, the consumer is responsible for ensuring they never come back. So, here are some tips.

  • Be very wary of yard sale or thrift store finds
    • Second hand furniture can be rife with bed bugs
    • Thoroughly inspect any furniture you intend to purchase
  • Inspect bedsheets when traveling
    • Pull top layers and fitted sheets back; also, consider using a flashlight
    • Place suitcase on the provided rack; do not leave it on the floor


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